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Branzino with Rustic Romesco Sauce

Branzino with Rustic Romesco Sauce

Turkish Tastes

Yield 1 serving


1 Turkish Sea Bass filets, deboned, skin on

1 tbsp EVOO

TT Salt and pepper

1/4 cup Romesco Sauce


Season the fish filets with salt and pepper on both sides.

Place a saute pan on high heat.

Add the EVOO.

When the oil is hot, just before smoking, add the filet,

skin side down, and lower heat to medium.

Gently press the filet down with a spatula.

When the skin is crispy, turn the filet over and finish cooking,

1-2 minutes. Serve with Romesco sauce.

Romesco Sauce

1 cup   Roasted red peppers, cut in batons

1   Onion, julienne

3 cloves   Garlic, crushed

1 tsp   Toasted fennel seeds, ground in a pestle and pestle

1 tsp   Sweet paprika

1 tsp   Aleppo pepper

1/4 cup   EVOO

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1/4 cup   Almonds, sliced; gently, evenly roasted until golden brown,  rough chop

TT   Salt and pepper

TT   Sugar

1   Boquet garni- leek, thyme, parsley, basil, and rosemary

1   Cartouche


Sweat the onions, and garlic in EVOO.

Add the roasted peppers, paprika, fennel, and Aleppo pepper.

Add the almonds and season lightly with salt, pepper, and sugar.

Add the boquet garni. Sweat very slowly over low heat.

Cover with cartouche.

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