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Turkish Candied Pumpkin Dessert

Turkish Candied Pumpkin Dessert

Turkish Tastes
Turkish Candied Pumpkin Dessert-A Reference Book by-turkish tastes-usa-america-us-culinary-gastronomi-ege ihracatcilar birligi-aegean exporters association

Yield 8 servings


2.5 lbs Pumpkin, fresh, trimmed

3 cups Sugar


Walnuts pieces


Turkish ‘kaymak’ or clotted cream


Slice the pumpkin thinly, peel, and remove the seeds.

Chop the slices into 2-inch-wide pieces. 

Layer the pumpkin pieces in a wide saucepan. Sprinkle the sugar on the top of each layer.

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Leave covered for 2-3 hours or overnight. There is no need to add water while cooking, as the pumpkin will release its juice during this waiting period.

Cook the pumpkin, on medium heat, until it starts to boil. Reduce to heat and continue to cook until the pumpkin softens. 

Let the cooked pumpkin cool to room temperature. Place the pumpkin pieces on serving plates.

Garnish with tahini and crushed walnuts. To soften the sweet flavor,  add some clotted cream or Turkish ‘kaymak’ if available. Or glaze the pumpkin with its own syrup. 

Alternatively, bake the pumpkin dessert in the oven.

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