Turkish Taste

Turkish Fresh and Processed Fruits & Vegetables

Conveniently located in the heart of Mediterranean with abundance of sunshine and fertile soil, Anatolia has always been a heavenly land for vegetal production, which is the leading sector of Turkish agriculture.

Thanks to the generosity of the climate and other geographic conditions, all temperate, most subtropical and some tropical crops are cultivated to provide the best, the healthiest and the most delicious nutrition to millions of consumers around the world.

Top Exported Product Range

Dried Tomatoes
Tomato Paste & Sauce
Roasted Eggplant
Roasted Pepper
Citrus fruits

Industry Facts

Over 50 million tons of fruit and vegetable production per year
World leader in figs and quinces export
Exported to 142 countries
Top export markets: Russian Federation, Iraq, Germany, Romania, Ukraine
Holds 10,5% market share in total agricultural exports
Cherries, apricots and grapes are national export brands

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Turkish Fresh and Processed Fruits & Vegetables

Top product quality thanks to best geographic conditions
World renowned for their impeccable aroma
Proximity to major markets and logistic advantages
Best prices due to low production costs
International production standards ensuring health and environmental safety
Year-round production
Upward trend of organic production
World export leader in assorted products