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Turkey, presents a sumptuous feast for the healthy nutrition with her rapidly growing aquacultural, avicultural and apicultural facilities. Surrounded by almost 5,000 miles of coasts, and enriched by hundreds of rivers, lakes and ponds, she is indisputably one of the leading actors in aquaculture.

With EU-compliant regulations and her rapidly developing facilities and technologies, she is in the global top ten of poultry and egg production. Turkey boasts three thirds of the world’s pollen plants, not to mention a rich flora, transitional ecology and colony population to secure a massive apicultural potential.

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Branzino with Rustic Romesco Sauce

Yield 1 serving Ingredients 1 Turkish Sea Bass filets, deboned, skin on 1 tbsp EVOO TT Salt and pepper 1/4 cup Romesco Sauce Instructions Season the fish filets with salt and pepper…

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