Turkish Herbs & Spices

In the land of Anatolian peninsula surrounded by four seas, fertility shoots from its shores to mountain peaks, from pastures on slopes to the plains between rivers, from deltas to valleys.

Owing to Turkey’s climatic and ecological conditions, many herbs and spices are cultivated or gathered from the natural vegetation. There are approximately 4.500 varieties of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in Turkey and most of them are produced and exported from the Aegean Region. Popular herbs are oregano, thyme, bay leaves, linden, sage, rosemary, and licorice. %95 of world laurel leaves export and %65 of world Thyme & Oregano export are from Turkey. Fennel, mahaleb and cultivated like cumin, anise seed, red pepper, fenugreek, nigelle and coriander are also the most important spices produced in Turkey.

As one of the top producers and exporters of spices and herbs, it is our pleasure to share these miraculous gifts of nature with you.