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Turkish Olive & Olive Oil

The recognition accorded over the past centuries to the value and unique characteristics of olives and olive oil has acquired even greater prominence today. Cultivation of this special fruit occurs only in certain regions of the world. Foremost in importance stand those countries situated along the shores of the Mediterranean. Included among these fortunate countries is Turkey, whose olive production ranks second in the world.

Over the past ten years, Turkey has recorded important progress in olive cultivation. Moreover, it has established processing plants whose technology and capacity insure in terms of both quality and quantity the production of table olives marketable world-wide. Advances with respect to olive oil have also been impressive. A number of firms active in the extraction, refining and packaging of olive oil that meets worlds standards have assumed their rightful places in the sector and pursue the goal of ongoing success.

Exported Olive Forms

With/Without Kernel

Exported Olive Oil Types

Extra Virgin

Turkish Olive & Olive Oil Facts

Exported to more than 120 countries
World's 2nd largest table olive producer
450.000 tons of table olives
Top table olive markets: USA, EU Countries
World's 4th largest olive oil producer
Over 250.000 tons of olive oil
Top olive oil export markets: USA, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Japan
Over 500.000 families engaged in olive farming

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Turkish Olives & Olive Oil

Anatolia is the leading gene hub and motherland of olive plants having more than 90 registered varieties
Centuries-long production and export experience
Unique taste and fragrance
Utilization of high-technology both in harvesting and pressing
Increasing volume and quality due to increased plantations during last 15 years
Compulsory export and production standards consistent with COI standarts and regulations
Hygienic production and packaging standards
Proximity to main markets and logistic advantages