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Stuffed Kadaifi

Stuffed Kadaifi

Turkish Tastes
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Yield 4 portions 



4 glasses   Water

3 cups     Sugar

3 drops     Lemon juice


17 fl oz      Chilled fresh kadaifi pastry

9 oz      Chopped walnuts

2 oz      Chopped dried apricot


4     Egg yolks

35 fl oz      Vegetable oil


First, add the syrup ingredients to the pot. Let it boil, except for the lemon juice. It should boil well and turn yellow. After squeezing 1-2 drops of lemon, turn the heat off.

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Give the shape of a rectangle first. We need to add walnuts and dried apricots and wrap them tightly like a roll. We place it with the end at the bottom. Do the same process until the kadaifs are finished.

In the meantime, pour oil in the pan and heat it well.

For the sauce, break the eggs into a deep bowl and whisk them well. Dip all sides of the stuffed kadaifi in the sauce.

Let’s not squeeze it with our hands while dipping it, let’s put it on a clean plate.

Put it into the heated oil and in the meantime, Keep the heat as low as possible and fry it well. Pour hot syrup into the cold syrup and keep it in the syrup for five minutes.

Serve it with ice cream or cream on the side.

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